First of all, I applaud you for taking an important first step towards creating a vitalized, harmonious and cohesive working relationship. It takes a lot of courage to recognize you have a challenge you’d like to resolve. That’s why – even as my practice has expanded to include radio, television and social media appearances – I continue to counsel singles and couples one-on-one.

 Why Is Counseling a Vital Investment?

As your coach/counselor, I will give you  honest, direct feedback and answers to questions regarding who you are, and why you do the things you do in your relationship. You’ll also be able to clear out what’s not working, so you can you make room for what you really want. And I’ll prepare you with  the tools you need to make decisions that can change the direction your relationship.

Getting Started

If you live in Los Angeles, CA, we can meet for sessions in person. Or if you’re located outside of my home state or country, we can schedule phone or sessions at your convenience. To begin, complete and submit the preliminary form below to receive your free 15-minute Consultation. I’m looking forward to helping you.


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